There are people whose only purpose is to be as annoying as possible.

I was only given thirty minutes to do that.

Why do you always take Shankar's side?

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The small thug beat up the convenience store employee.

There's a big pile of mail on your desk.

There was someone else there.


I understand the museum is closed on Mondays.

You must listen to it.

I have no money.


Straka was put in prison.

Have you ever heard such beautiful music before?

Vick has a lot of original ideas.

He has found a way, right?

How is your husband?


I saw a big pelican there.

During an EVA, the outer layer of an astronaut's spacesuit may be 120 degrees C for the side facing the Sun, and the part of that same suit facing away from the Sun could have an external temperature of -100 C.

How absurd!


I haven't seen him in a few years.

There's always something new to see in Boston.

Isn't there an old bakery somewhere in this town?

He succeeded to his uncle's fortune.

Oliver knew what Bonnie's secret was.

George is quite talkative.

"Do you have a pen?" "Yes."


Eddy tossed the ball to Charley.

He abstained from smoking.

This seems to be a busy place.

Most men with receding hairlines are very self-conscious of it, but he makes light of his.

Her mother, Mrs Brown, increased the amount of vegetables in her diet.

Anton knows he doesn't have enough money to buy everything he needs.

They won't hurt us.

Let's not discuss it.

In the summer, when the wind blows, ripe wheat moves like golden waves.

Tell Jayesh that I want to go, too.

I don't know why I even bother to try to explain things to you anymore.

Francois was bitten by a rattlesnake.

Tell Griff the air conditioner needs to be repaired.

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Do you have some buttermilk?

She is very annoyed with me.

It is, not I, but you, who are to blame.

What's Roy carrying?

It isn't as if we were rich.

They both gave statements.

He has just come back.


This is the most exciting book that I have ever read.


Will you please wipe the dust off the table?


Are you sure you want to hear about this?

He is a merry fellow.

Since when do you care about politics?


Where did you spend your summer?

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Jean-Pierre and I talked on the phone.

All men are fallible.

You're in trouble.

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Why are you afraid?

I don't think Ami wants any help.

Mick and Rajesh ate gravlax.

Anyone can do it.

Let's consider what might happen.

I didn't want them to worry.

You're missing my point here, Francis.


He left Japan on a fine day.

You don't scare us.

Have you already heard that he has finally returned home?


Why don't you explain that?

Our daughter burnt a finger with a match.

Gregge tried to stay focused.

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Gunnar didn't look like a freak.

I'd love to be able to spend less time doing household chores.

Mike's French is actually not very good.

This isn't food.

They probably found out about what happened.

We've made a deal.

He grew up to be a famous musician in later years.

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We will conclude our overview, however, with a positive example.

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I've been taking lessons from Boyce.

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What am I supposed to say when he puts it so logically?

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I'm methodical.


You're making a serious mistake.

A man can't always be a hero, but he can always be a man.

Spend your time wisely and you'll always have enough of it.

She has survived three wars.

They traveled at night so no one would see them.


We're expecting lousy weather today.


Brazil borders ten countries as well as the Atlantic Ocean.


What she liked best was herring roe.

Metals conduct electricity.

Were you excited?


I thought you were going to help us.

Please do not try this at home.

The Norman victory over England had a big impact on the English language.

I don't want to read more.

Who is the woman talking to my brother sitting next to him?

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The night bus service was suspended, so I decided to spend the night at my friend's house.

He felt the pangs of conscience.

Capital investments planned by major Japanese businesses for this year have been revised upward in view of an improving economic outlook.

There are other girls out there.

Won't you have some coffee?

There's someone at the doorway.

Do you know what these are?

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I was afraid to say no.


I'm very proud of my gold pocket watch. My grandfather, on his deathbead, sold me this watch.

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Alvin cut the wire and defused the bomb.

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What does she think of it?


Why didn't you tell us this was going to happen?


How much money do you want?

Help finally arrived.

This is our only hope.


Soon, the space agencies launched thousands of robot probes all over the Solar System to explore planets, moons, asteroids, and comets...

I have an idea she will come today.

I've got a few friends.

"What's the purpose of your visit?" "I'm a tourist."

Illness made him give up his studies.


It's all right with him.


I'm completely blind now.

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She scolds Terry as often as me.

Poor boy! If he had only known then the dreadful things that were to happen to him on account of his disobedience!

He has a penchant for whistling at pretty ladies he sees on the street.

Josh whispered in Dwight's ear.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three things, what would they be?


His plan sounds impracticable.


I plan to do the same thing you do.


Byron won't give in.

Conchita felt guilty for ruining Clarence and Sandy's relationship.

What else can Claudia do?

What sort of play is it?

Miriam was in a bicycle accident.

Shari threw a rock at Julian, but it didn't hit her.

Now, how did that get there?

Do you ever work on Sundays?

It goes without saying that every one is bound to obey the law.

He believes in God, but he rarely attends Church.

This is without a doubt true.


I'll see Kaj tonight.

He is at home today.

I wouldn't drive, I'd walk.


Milner really likes your painting.

They sell imported goods at the shop.

He is a man of vision.

Jimmy and Ragnar say that they have the perfect marriage.

I could hardly keep from laughing.


Can I touch your hair?


Spain is called "Espainia" in Basque.

My grandfather is very fond of reading.

My family are all very well.


She has a lively interest in everything around us.

How did you find out where Dorian lives?

Randal asked Ellen to run away with him.


We're torn between going to a hot spring and going skiing.

We do have some options.

Do you recall me at all?


I asked her a few questions.

Your paintings are beautiful.

He fills the bill.